Learn how to translate what your eyes see into a meaningful image.

An innovative guide to improve your compostition.

A professional photographer explains his approach to compose a photo. Starting from his vision, he analyses the framing, the light, the camera settings, and shows all test shots to the final photo.
A truly in-depth workshop in an ebook.

Reflections from The Netherlands
A travel photography workshop in an eBook

In this fifth release from the Viewfinder Book collection we follow Francesco Carovillano on a travel and landscape photography assignment in the Netherlands. Along the journey he discovers exceptional places including scenographic landscapes with windmills, renowned tulips garden, modern architecture as well as traditional dutch villages.
20 Chapters explaining his creative process, step-by-step, from his initial idea to the final composition. His analysis takes the reader beyond the usual photography themes and techniques, as he analyses his photographs like a painter would explain his canvas..
Designed to be use as an on and off the field guide to learn how to express your vision through the camera, construct an effective photograph, improve your composition, evaluate the light and choose the best moment to capture.

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London Icons
A cityscape photography workshop in an eBook

Richard James Taylor shares his experience photographing his home city of London.
Whilst exploring the major tourist attractions, iconic landmarks, picturesque neighborhoods and royal parks, Richard will cover techniques such as pre-visualisation, composition and exposure as he builds up to framing the perfect shot.
If you have ever wondered what goes through a professional photographers mind before releasing the shutter, then this is the perfect opportunity to find out!
Download the book now and be guided through this vibrant and exciting city, whilst learning to improve your travel photography skills along the way!

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Colors of Tuscany
A photo safari in Tuscany

Francesco Carovillano, explains step by step how to compose an image, find the right point of view and wait for the appropriate light to capture the beauty of these lands of hills and cypresses.
He shared GPS coordinates and shows all his attempts before perfecting the final shot.
Marco di Nucci, coauthor of the book, filmed the photographer at work in five enlightening clips.
Available in English, French and Italian.

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Portugal, Land & Ocean
A landscape photography workshop in an eBook

This book takes you on a journey through Portugal in the footsteps of a professional photographer who carefully analyses more than 20 of his 200 photos in terms of composition, inspiration and technique.
Available in English, French and Portugese.

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Paris & The Seine
A cityscape photography workshop in an eBook

We are taking you on a tour of the French capital, guided by a professional photographer. 24 chapters, over 200 photos, videos, culture notes and GPS coordinates.
Available in English and French.

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Francesco Carovillano

Francesco Carovillano is a freelance photographer specialising in travel and landscape photography. After working in movies and video games as a 3D animator in several European capitals for 8 years, Francesco moved into full-time photography.
Constantly on the road with his van, he works for high-end travel photo agencies and national tourist boards. His images are regularly published by National Geographic, Lonely Planet, GEO among others.

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Richard James Taylor

Richard James Taylor is a freelance photographer based in London, UK, specialising in travel, landscapes and portraiture. His images reflect a continuing fascination with the many people, places and cultures of the world. He shoots regularly for National Geographic Traveler magazine and his work has appeared in leading publications such as GEO France, The Sunday Times Travel Magazine, Wanderlust, Lonely Planet, Insight Guides, Green Guides, CSMA Club Magazine, Professional Photographer Magazine, United Airlines’ Hemispheres and British Airways’ High Life.

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